Detoxification and Panchakarma

Improve cellular metabolism and balancing the body by flushing out toxins and restore normal physiological functions.

Weight Loss Management

Comprehensive weight management program with a holistic approach.

Nadi Pariksha

Classical method of using ayurvedic pulse reading to check imbalances in the body.

Marma Therapy

Ancient Indian practice which focuses on manipulating the body's vital energy force (prana) to assist in healing, clearing blockages, improving circulation, releasing trauma etc.

Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

Learn techniques of managing and controlling stress, improving overall well-being and regaining health and fitness


Identification of stress factors and development of stress reduction techniques.

Life Coaching

We work to help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and make drastic changes in your life so that you can be at your best.

Ayurvedic Medication

Natural medicine derived from herbs, minerals and other naturally occurring substances.

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