Marma Therapy is an evidence-based traditional healing method that has its roots in Ayurveda. Marma therapy involves the manipulation of specific points where energy currents (prana) flow in the body. These currents support and regulate normal physiology. By manipulating these currents, the body can re-establish proper function and heal from disease. Marma therapy is based on the utilization of 107 vital points in the body which are access points to the various physiological mechanisms responsible for the functioning of the body and mind. Marma therapy is the original vital point system of healing in the body. As it gained momentum it spread outside of India, where it influenced the development of Chinese acupuncture and Kung fu. Its origins are in South India within a martial arts tradition known as Kalaripayattu. The ancient Kalari masters discovered the power of these vital points and found that the application of pressure on specific points (vital point massage) of the body has amazing healing benefits. Modern clinical research has demonstrated the efficacy of Marma therapy in conditions such as frozen shoulderstrokecervical spondylosis and several other conditions.